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Businesses really need to get their Health and Safety basics right

08/06/2017 11:09
Lack of systems at the heart of a worker’s death 8 June 2017 WorkSafe New Zealand says businesses must actively identify and control risks that could kill or maim their workers. In the Christchurch District Court, Sullivan Packaging Ltd was fined a total of $52,000 and ordered to pay...

Keen to know how you can get your workplace health and safety risks sorted?

02/06/2017 11:16
Take a walk ‘Around the Block’ and contact  Health and Safety East Coast Keen to know how you can get your workplace health and safety risks sorted? Take a look at our online Around the Block tool. Host Safety Steve will provide you...

Energy Safety Business Update – June 2017

02/06/2017 11:03
  Working on gas fired electrical appliances Energy Safety recently investigated a fire at a rest home involving a gas fired central heating furnace that ignited after electrical fittings inside the furnace had been replaced. While the person who did the work was a certifying gasfitter, they...

Carrying Passengers and children on Farm Quadbikes ok in some circumstances - Is this right?

23/05/2017 08:44
WorkSafe New Zealand has clarified the circumstances in which it is acceptable to carry passengers on single-seat quad bikes, in consultation with Federated Farmers, Beef + Lamb NZ, and DairyNZ. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015, persons conducting a business or undertaking such...

Company and director fined for incident that left a man a tetraplegic

22/05/2017 16:51
Company and director fined for incident that left a man a tetraplegic 22 May 2017 Disregard for employee health and safety left a worker a tetraplegic, and resulted in a total of $386,300 in fines and reparation for a horticultural company and its director in the Pukekohe District Court...

Safety alert - Extractives - Quarry Operations - Hydraulic power pack and ram failure causing death

18/05/2017 13:42
17 May 2017 - Safety alert What happened? A mine worker at an alluvial gold operation was using a hydraulic power pack and ram to undertake maintenance on the rear struts of a dump truck. The ram ruptured and high pressure hydraulic fluid erupted from the ram, hitting the worker and causing...

Play Equipment Safety

11/05/2017 08:44
Managing strangulation hazards on play equipment May 2017 - Bulletin Strangulation can cause serious injury, and in some cases death. There have been incidents where a young child has become entangled in a rope or cord while playing on play equipment. Risks Any situation where a child...

Use your mouth and Start Talking

05/05/2017 08:55
  Whatever business you are in and whatever your job, when it comes to health and safety there is one piece of safety gear we can all use to help prevent health and safety issues from happening – it’s your mouth.  By now we all know that New Zealand has a problem when it comes health and...

Clear disregard for the safety of workers and others

27/04/2017 10:40
Clear disregard for the safety of workers and others 26 April 2017 Sub-optimal demolition work of three residential buildings placed workers and neighbours at significant risk of asbestos exposure and landed the home owner with a large clean-up bill. The dangers of asbestos have long been...

Asbestos awareness week

26/04/2017 10:19
Any harm from asbestos is so easy to prevent, we should all be learning to identify asbestos containing materials and the basic steps needed to prevent  being exposed to it. Worksafe's Asbestos guidelines are simple and easy to use. removal-of-asbestos-acop.pdf (4000696)
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