Asbestos - Silent Killer - WorkSafe NZ Asbestos Management tool Kit Available

30/05/2014 15:48

In 2010  is was estimated there were 170 deaths related to exposure to asbestos. Exposure to asbestos causes lung cancer and respiratory diseases that are direct result of being exposed to asbestos over time. There is recent evidence that even short term exposure can lead to respiratory disease (asbestosis) and lung cancers. Smokers incurr a higher risk of contracting these diseases. The recent concern about the exposure of both residents and workers to asbestos in Christchurch raises questions about who can handle asbestos and what is it neccessary to do to ensure asbestos exposure is prevented. The attached guidelines set out:

  • Types of asbestos and products they are found in.
  • Who can handle asbestos.
  • How it is to be safely handled/removed and disposed of amongst other things.

New Zealand Guidelines for the Management and Removal of Asbestos.pdf


WorkSafe NZ Asbestos Toolkit