Federated Farmers defines Agriculture as a high risk industry

24/08/2015 19:30

Federated farmers self defined agriculture as a "high risk" industry. So why are they being reclassified as low risk? In thier submission on the Health and Safety Reform Bill to the select committee in April of last year Fererated Farmers stated that:

"At present agriculture has the highest number of work related fatalities out of the four sectors identified as „high risk‟ by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) - Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forestry and Construction. WorkSafe New Zealand‟s provisional statistics as at September 2013 show last year there were 13 work related deaths in agriculture. This compares to one workplace fatality in Manufacturing, four in Construction and seven in Forestry.2


Agriculture is high risk because of the following challenges:

(a) Farmers working in isolated areas, often alone;

(b) Workplaces that are large geographic areas, with challenging topography;

(c) Farmers work in all weather conditions;

(d) The farm serves as a workplace and a home;

(e) A lack of understanding that day-to-day features of farming, such as use of electric fences, quad bikes and management of stock, constitute "hazards‟; and

(f) A significantly higher than average proportion of self-employed in the agricultural sector and an ageing farmer demographic."

See the attached submission ffrom Federated Farmers. Federated Farmers submission on Reform Bill.pdf (424214)