Have your say on Quad Bike Safety Research!

25/07/2016 19:07

WorkSafe New Zealand is encouraging farmers to get behind a quad bike safety survey from the University of New South Wales (UNSW). This is the first real-world study to look at how riders survive, or are injured, in rollover incidents and the efficacy of rollover protection devices fitted to quad bikes.

As well as gathering real-world evidence about rollover incidents and possible protection, the study will help get a better picture of helmet use and the types of injuries quad bikes cause in Australian and New Zealand workplaces.

“Farmers are crying out for new ways to make quad bikes safer,” says WorkSafe’s Programme Manager for Agriculture, Al McCone. “This sort of research is just what is needed to help find those solutions.”

“The study asks questions that can only be answered by people that actually use quad bikes regularly at work. The results will be used to develop new quad bike safety programmes, policies and products so lives can be saved and injuries prevented.”

The survey also looks at rider demographics, environmental factors, usage patterns and history of rollovers and other crash events, etc. The study is looking for people who use a quad bike for work (i.e. farmers, farm workers or users of a quad bike for work in another setting) in Australia or New Zealand who are over 18 years of age. Participation in the study is anonymous. However, participants can provide contact details if they wish to provide further information to the research team. Any information provided would be strictly confidential between the UNSW research team and the person answering. Any reports or results from the survey will be presented in a generalised de-identified statistical form.

The survey takes about 15-25 minutes. Survey results, reports and research articles generated will also be available from the UNSW website