Health and Safety reform bill passes

28/08/2015 07:44

Controversial health and safety legislation, which does does not classify farms as high risk, has passed in Parliament.

The Government claims the changes will address New Zealand's workplace safety standards, while Labour claims a watering down of the legislation will lead to additional deaths.

Five pieces of legislation which have been debated as the Health and Safety Reform Bill, completed its third and final reading in Parliament this afternoon.

The legislation passed by 63 votes to 59, with National, the Maori Party, ACT and UnitedFuture supporting the legislation, while Labour, the Green Party and NZ First opposed it. 

The new Act will come into effect in April 2015. This gives businesses seven months to comply with the legislation. 

Health and Safety East Coast can provide advice on the changes business should make to ensure they can fully comply with the new legislation.

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