Health and Safety Reforms - Coming 2015 - Whats the Risk to your business

24/10/2014 14:37

What are the changes being proposed under the Health and Safety Reform Bill. The attached Worksafe NZ document outlines some of the key concepts in the proposed Bill. health-safety-reform-bill-update.pdf (195329)

As a base line if you do not have the means to systematically prevent harm in your workplace you are way behind the eight ball and at serious risk. If you have the means but do not use it as part of your every day business you are also putting your employees, yourself and your business at serious risk. If you are proactively and systematically managing your health and safety you should be in a good position to handle the changes under the new legislation.

If you arent sure what this means for your business or what you current level of risk is call Health and Safety East Coast. We can quickly advise you where you in terms of preventing injury and illness in your workplaces.