Health Monitoring Requirements?

03/04/2017 19:40


\What is health monitoring in a workplace?

Health monitoring involves testing a person to identify any changes in their health status because of exposure to certain health hazards arising from their work, such as noise or contaminants in the air like hazardous dusts, fumes or vapours. It is a way to check if a worker’s health is being harmed by the work they do, and aims to detect early signs of ill-health or disease.

When are you required to do it under the Health and Safety at Work Act?

Health monitoring is required to be provided to a worker if:

  • The worker is carrying out ongoing work involving a substance hazardous to health that is specified in a safe work instrument as requiring health monitoring e.g. asbestos; and
  • There is a serious risk to the worker’s health because of exposure to the substance hazardous to health

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