New workplace health and safety agency to be established

22/02/2013 09:45

New workplace health and safety agency to be established

The Government is to establish a new, stand-alone workplace health and safety agency to significantly improve New Zealand’s workplace health and safety record.

The creation of a stand-alone Crown agent was a key recommendation of the Royal Commission on the Pike River Coal Mine Tragedy.

The new agency will have a dedicated focus on health and safety and will be committed to ensuring people are well protected from injury and death when they go to work each day.

The Crown agent will enforce workplace health and safety regulations, and work collaboratively with employers and employees to embed and promote good workplace health and safety practices.


Further information about the new Agency is outlined in the attached link.

Questions%20and%20Answers%20Workplace%20Health%20and%20Safety%20Agency.pdf (40,9 kB)

There are a number of initiatives already underway with more health and safety inspectors being outthere in the region. We have noticed this with some of our clients having already received visits from health and safety inspectors.