Quad Bike Safety - What everyone should be doing

12/04/2015 18:42

Using Personal Protective Equipment can save lives - Case studys

[image] The aftermath of Bernard Bird’s quad bike accident.

Guide using Quad bikes safely: Safe operation of Quads.pdf (568,7 kB)



Roll bar saves Taihape farmer from serious injury or death


Taihape farmer, Bernard Bird, believes the reason he “miraculously” walked away from a near-fatal quad bike accident was because of a recent addition he fitted to the bike.

In September 2011 Mr Bird was riding his quad on a section of his farm, when he tried to get the bike out of reverse.

“It is often a bit tricky to get the bike out of gear, and so I tried several times to use the accelerator to help with the gear movement,” Mr Bird says.

“Unfortunately the third time I tried to move it, I pressed the accelerator a little too hard – the bike zoomed backwards and I drove over a 12 foot bluff,” he says.

Mr Bird ended up flat on his back on the other side of the creek – remarkably unharmed.

“As I lay there I kept thinking, when is this bike going to land on me? But when I looked over it had rolled onto its side instead of flipping over because the Quadbar had stopped it moving further,” he says.

Several days before the accident Mr Bird had purchased a fitted roll-over protection device specifically designed for quad bikes that is manufactured in Australia.

“I have no doubt that if the device hadn’t have been fitted, it would have rolled on top of me – potentially killing or seriously injuring me. Instead, I was able to walk away from the accident,” he says.

“I would encourage every quad bike rider to think about their safety – whether that’s to fit a device or take other safety steps - it’s not worth taking a risk with your life.

The Department believes fitting a roll-over protection device to a quad bike remains a personal choice for the farmer – but cannot promote or require the fitting of such devices until the protective properties have been firmly established.


Quad bike helmet saves farmer's life


Okauia farmer Steve Tye believes he could be dead now if it wasn’t for his new quad bike helmet.

In November 2010 Mr Tye purchased a helmet for the one quad bike he and his farm staff use.

“I’ve been riding quad bikes for a long time and I’ve always been quite safety conscious. But the main reason I brought the helmet was because several guys near me had been in some pretty nasty quad bike accidents, two of them had died.

“And it’s very lucky I did make the purchase, it saved my life.”

After buying the helmet, he made it clear to the other workers on the farm that he expected it to be used.

Ten days after purchasing the helmet Mr Tye was riding his quad bike over a crossing, when the crossing collapsed.

“The handlebars hit me right in the head and I got pinned underneath the quad bike. I was stuck there for more than an hour before any help arrived.

“The helmet was completely cracked in the accident and it had to be replaced. If I hadn’t been wearing it, I would have been knocked out and drowned in the nearby stream, or suffered from serious head injuries.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear helmets when you’re riding any kind of bike, including quad bikes. It’s now compulsory on my farm – I know it saved my life and it could save yours."