Quad Bikes and roll bars?

07/02/2013 10:26

Should it be compulsory for all quad bikes to have roll bars? It seems a simple precaution to take given the number of fatalities and injuries that are occuring both inside and outside of the workplace. It seems farmers especially are increasingly thinking about the how they can safely use quad bikes around the farm.

In the wake of a series of serious and fatal quadbike crashes in recent months, a survey by the The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has found more farmers are wearing helmets while riding quadbikes and the number of ACC claims for related accidents on farms have dropped. Should roll bars and safety helmets be complusary when using quad bikes in the workplace.

"The ministry is increasing its efforts over the summer months and inspectors will be visiting farms around the country to enforce safety issues and to provide guidance to farm employees."

Quad bike injuries can be prevented - they aren't part of the job. Quad bikes are not all terrain vehicles - they can't go everywhere, do everything. Respect their limits, and make sure everyone on your farm follows these safety steps:

  • Ensure your workers are trained/experienced enough to do the job
  • Choose the right vehicle for the job
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Don’t let kids ride on adult quad bikes