World day for Safety and Health at Work - What can we do?

23/04/2015 13:32

We all have a role to play in keeping our workplaces injury and accident free 

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23 April 2015

Tuesday April 28 is World Day for Safety and Health at Work. It’s a day to remember those people who die at work and to commit to ensuring everyone comes home from work safe and well at the end of the day.

Last year in New Zealand 47 people died at work. In 2013, 57 people lost their lives in the workplace. Thousands more were hurt, suffered work-related illness or were seriously injured. Each death is a tragedy for the colleagues, friends and family left behind. 

New Zealand’s health and safety record is nothing to be proud of. It’s twice as bad as Australia’s and four times worse than the United Kingdom’s. That’s just not good enough – we can and must do better. The social and economic cost of people being killed and hurt in New Zealand workplaces is conservatively estimated at $3.5 billion each year.

WorkSafe New Zealand has been tasked with helping to reduce the workplace death and injury toll by 25 per cent by 2020. It’s an ambitious target, but one we can achieve if everyone works together and takes responsibility for improving health and safety standards in our factories, on our farms, on building sites and in every workplace in-between. 

Health and Safety East Coast and WorkSafe fully supports World Day for Safety and Health at Work which is promoted by the International Labour Organisation