Health and Safety East Coast provides a full range of design and support services to help businesses to prevent harm, manage risk and to ensure they are fully compliant on a continuous basis.


Customised Health and Safety Management Systems

We provide fully customised systems in both paper and electronic formats that enable your business to start running from day one. This includes full hazard analysis and the development of hazard controls, including Safe Work Methods.

Health and Safety Induction and system training

All employees need to understand how a workplaces health and safety system operates to prevent harm to themselves and others. We provide full training and induction for both current and new employees.

Accident/incident management and investigation

We help ensure serious harm accidents are managed to protect the site of the accident, record and document evidence, complete a full investigation into the causes of the accident and act as an interface between your business and WorkSafe NZ. This ensures that in the event of prosecution a full an accurate record of what occurred is recorded by an independent party.

Annual Review/Update

An annual review/audit will ensure your Health Safety System continues to serve your needs well. An annual audit/review, gives a balanced view of whether your system is working, is up-to-date and compliant. It involves a visit to your workplace, an assessment of how well your system is doing in preventing harm, with recommended actions for improvement.

Gain Preferred Contractor Status

We have extensive experience in helping businesses achieve prefered contractor status with a variety of organisations which require pre-qualification. Call us now to see how we can help.

Telephone and email support for the life of the system.

We provide free on call advice to clients who have implemented our system.

Health and Safety updates, news and resources for client members

Our website provides a range of tools and resources available exclusively to our clients.  Click here to set up your client account. 

Full Administrative Support

For many business owners it is more productive for them to focus on driving their business, rather than administering their health and safety system. We can provide full ongoing administrative support to ensure employers can meet their responsibilities under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. This can be provided on a pay as you go basis or by way of an annual fix fee. 


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