Features and Benefits 


  1. Highly Flexible – our OHS software system can be customised to meet the specific needs of any business, organisation, or industry – it can be as detailed or as simple as required.

  2. Hassle-Free set up – the Online OHS Management software delivered in a ready to use format. Unique information is obtained through a simple online starter kit.

  3. Automatic reminders – whenever a business needs to take action, it receives automatic alerts or prompts.

  4. Contractor management – easy to use contractor verification registers ensure that all contractors can be verified as OH&S compliant before they can commence work.

  5. Site management – indispensable feature for larger organisations that allows easy set up and access to site specific OHS requirements.

  6. Reports – graphic and detailed representation of where, why and how accidents were caused. The information is stored in a form to allow analysis to support remedial action and to meet legal and insurance requirements.

  7. Remote access – up to the minute OHS system information is accessible wherever an internet connection is available.

  8. Environmental planning – the development of an environmental plan can be completed quickly and easily.

  9. System snapshot – available as a service Online OHS can generate an up to the minute snapshot of your OHS system, useful for tenders, this will extract a report encompassing your whole OHS management system.

  10. Modules – six easy to use modules simplify the acheivement of high standards of OHS compliance and wokplace safety (PLUS all the other benefits of a safer working environment)

  11. Training Videos – We have a range of training videos that make it easy to set and operate your system.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Create and track Online Inductions for your employees and visitors

  • All updates whilst you are a member are free of charge

  • Multiple Logins at no extra charge, create as many users as you like

  • Create your own inductions, simply and at no cost

  • Monthly payment option

  • Too busy to set the system up, we can do that for you through our consulting services